Own the Media own the democracy

The OccupyWallstreet protest has been three weeks old. At the very start there was no media coverage of OccupyWallstreet, None whatsoever. All major news outlets refused to acknowledge if there was protest on Wall Street.

American public had no idea that a massive movement was unfolding right in Media’s own backyard here in New York City. Within blocks from their offices, they could hear the sounds of marching, charging feet, and the roll of drums. A determined group of youth were about to start what has now become a full fledged national conversation and a movement touching the lives of millions of Americans, weighed in by the President and the members of Congress.


We have been covering Occupywallstreet from day one. So how do we know where to find what is happening in our country apart from the traditional assist from our media ? It is called Social Media. It is made up via Social contacts, where no one controls anything, and there are no limits, on any conversation. There are no gate keepers and Inkwell owners and print press owners, to hold back the truth.


What started on September 17 , 2011 in New York City has now become a national movement. From the start the Media deliberately ignored the events. But with the star powers of Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon, they had to report it and they did it in a very muted fashion.

You wonder if there is a protest or gathering in far off Arab lands like Tahrir Square, Tripoli or Tunisia the media is all over the Arab world and imprints every little detail, and throws a gauntlet of news stream around you so you can’t escape it. But when the events unfold in our own country ,and in our own backyard, and in New York City and Lower Manhattan, where the media is hunkered down, you don’t hear a thing ? Why? Because the gatekeepers decide you don’t need to know about Wall Street’s corruption and Greed and the imbalance of Wealth and Social inequality in America. They want to block your mind set like they have done numerous other times, and mold your opinions in a democracy, which will suit their own interests, and their own people. These are thoughts and ideas, that can dislodge a powerful elite in America and change the social structure forever.


The media in the US is made up of few giant sized news outlets. They are top down. Executives and editors decide what is good and whats bad for you in advance. But those were the days when cigar chomping fat cats would dictate a copy, place an order, and shout down your days worth of news.

But not anymore in this day and age. With the proliferation of Internet, it is at it’s best, degraded from it’s former glory. Now there is a thing called the Web and there are web sites like this one, that you are reading, who have just as much control on the news as they have. The proverbial inkwell is now replaced by the mighty Internet. It’s funny to see how these cigar chomping, aging, Media moguls are sitting like bewildered rabbits in this fast moving digital divide. They are completely out of their wits ! Some of them don’t even know how to operate laptops and computers. What has replaced them and degraded them into such antiquity ? Twitter, Face book, You Tube and Iphone and the newly emerging technologies plus the growing population of Americans.

Now there is no need to have a paid camera men shooting film for the evening news cast. Anyone with a cell phone can just shoot a segment and upload it on You tube where it will be picked up by millions without any royalties or hassles. It is all free to access and use. The video attached here is an example of this brand of Journalism that is free and open and knows no bounds.


The Unions have been demonstrating against Wall Street’s greed for the last three years. You probably never heard about or did you? Every time they will come in New York and demonstrate the Media will ignore them flat out. They will picket and demonstrate the old fashioned way. The old crowd was totally ineffective against the owners of democracy the traditional US Media .The media has protected Wall Street for three long years and the Unions have failed to make a dent themselves and their voices heard.

This is what the Media did to the OccupyWallstreet movement. Ignored them flat out and completely- just like the Unions. But here comes America’s elite from Ivy League schools, students from Fordham, Columbia and Harvard and other places, who have been dealt a severe blow in this economic downturn. They had nowhere to go. They had nothing to lose. They were young. They knew their way around Internet. They had the technology on their side. They had the Media in their own hands. Twitter, Face book and You tube. It didn’t take long for the conversation and awareness to spread like wild fire. Live stream broadcasts gave viewers minute by minute updates. A movement was born out of nowhere puzzling the traditional gatekeepers as it spread to nationally just under three weeks.

It was only when the news became too big to ignore, than the US media got involved. Their own credibility took a hit, and they reported it with condescending attitude and ridicule. You can see in this video, how they get treated as the crowd chants and ridicules back.


The media does not wants you to know there is a protest against big banks. As always the media has protected the rich and powerful elite. They are cut from the same cloth as the rich Wall Street Barron and Institutions. They are their mouth pieces. They hardly have any sympathy to the poor in America or those who have suffered long and hard in this economic distress. They have no reason to be on the side of those who have lost jobs, homes and the American Dream.

They will continue to muddle the waters and shine the spotlight somewhere else. The only thing you can do is peel yourself off their grip and create your own media and enjoy the benefits like we do.

Source: http://www.financemoz.com

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