Occupy Wallstreet Movement

Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing series of “peaceful” demonstrations in New York City based in Zuccotti Park, formerly “Liberty Plaza Park”. The protest was originally called for by the Canadian activist group Adbusters; it took inspiration from the Arab Spring movement (particularly the Tahrir Square protests in Cairo, which initiated the 2011 Egyptian revolution) and from the Spanish Indignants.

The participants of the event are mainly protesting against social and economic inequalitycorporate greed, and the influence of corporate money and lobbyists on government, among other concerns. Adbusters states that, “Beginning from one simple demand – a presidential commission to separate money from politics – we start setting the agenda for a new America.”

By October 9, similar demonstrations had been held in over 25 cities ta Fe, New Mexico, Ann, Arbor ,  Atlanta ,  Austin ,  Boston,  ChicagoClevelandDallasDenverDallasDes MoinesHartfordHoustonIowa CityJersey CityKansas City , Los Angeles ,  MiamiMinneapolis,  New HavenPhiladelphiaPittsburgh Portland, Oregon , Portland,  MaineSacramento , Salt Lake CitySan Diego , San FranciscoSan JoseSanta FeSeattleTampa , Trenton,Washington D.C.

Canada TorontoMontrealVancouver,Calgary
United Kingdom London
Australia SydneyMelbourneAdelaide,Perth

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